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Grey Amazon Curtain
Grey Amazon   Grey Amazon is new to Expandatrack and combines simplicity combined with a neutral ..

Grey Eclipse Curtain
Grey Eclipse   These fabulous curtains speak for themselves when it comes to the color and design..
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Abbey Stone Nettle Curtains
Abbey Stone Nettle Abbey Stone Nettle consists of a light modern color and is together combined..

Amethyst Vortex ***2600 LONG*** Curtains
Amethyst Vortex Amethyst Vortex fabric have a distinct design which is designed to amaze you with..

Ashwood Halo Curtains
Ashwood Halo ***2013 Design*** Ashwood Halo is an absolute show stopping color. Ash is a perfect..
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Ashwood Halo Curtains ***2600 LONG****
Ashwood Halo ***2600mm LONG*** Ashwood Halo is an absolute show stopping color. Ash is a perfect..

Ashwood Haze
Ashwood Haze -      ***NEW 2015 TO EXPANDATRACK*** Minimalistic and Classy . Fantastic for Motel..

Ashwood Haze ***2600mm LONG***
Ashwood Haze -      ***NEW 2015 TO EXPANDATRACK******2600 LONG*** Minimalistic and Classy . Fant..

Emerald Halo Curtain
Emerald Halo Emerald Halo is warm, modern and elegant in every respect. Combining both the halo..

Fawn Sugar Viaduct Curtains
Fawn Sugar Viaduct Fawn Sugar Viaduct is a truly unique fabric with its lines and horozontal stri..

Granite Halo custom curtains
Granite Halo  - ***NOW 30% THICKER*** Following the Curtain and Fabric Trends from New Zealand we..

Hot Chilli Halo  ***2600mm Long***
Hot Chilli Halo ***2600 Long*** ***2013 Designs*** This design and color is sure to be a huge suc..

Moonlight Nettle Curtain
Moonlight Nettle Moonlight Nettle is neutral in every respect of the word. Still consisting of t..

Titanium Steel
Titanium Steel-      ***NEW 2015 TO EXPANDATRACK*** Color Co-ordinated and Formal. The Titanium ..

Titanium Steel  ***2.6 LONG***
Titanium Steel-      ***NEW 2015 TO EXPANDATRACK******2.6 LONG*** Color Co-ordinated and Formal. ..