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Black Tied Ombre
Black Tied Ombre       Elegant and Modern in every way. Black Tied Ombre consists of a soft wavy..

Bronze Nettle
Bronze Nettle Bronze Nettle is back due to popular demand. This fabric speaks for itself in the ..

Carbon Heirloom
Carbon Heirloom Carbon Heirloom curtains demonstrates what modern curtains should look like. Lar..

Coalminers Haze
Coalminers Haze -       Minimalistic and Classy . Fantastic for Motels, New Homes, Building comp..

Granite Halo ***2600 Long***
Granite Halo  ***NOW 30% THICKER*** Following the Curtain and Fabric Trends from New Zealand we h..

Hazelnut  Abstract
Hazelnut Abstract Hazelnut Abstract is one of its kind in every way. The rich brown tone with th..

Licorice Abstract
Licorice Abstract Greys and blacks are some of the most popular colors in 2015. The Licorice Abs..

Oriana Abstract
Oriana Abstract-       Warm and Elegant. Like the Licorice Abstract curtains the Oriana Abstract..

Silverado Fern
Silverado Fern A show stopping fabric with all the combination of modern colors including the mos..

Static Night
Static Night Static night demonstrates a modern behavior unlike any other designs. The latest co..

Woodwinked Ombre
Woodwinked Ombre Woodwinked Ombre is rich in appearance and would be the talking point in any tea..

Amethyst Vortex ***2600 LONG*** Curtains
Amethyst Vortex Amethyst Vortex fabric have a distinct design which is designed to amaze you with..

Ashwood Halo Curtains
Ashwood Halo ***2013 Design*** Ashwood Halo is an absolute show stopping color. Ash is a perfect..
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Ashwood Halo Curtains ***2600 LONG****
Ashwood Halo ***2600mm LONG*** Ashwood Halo is an absolute show stopping color. Ash is a perfect..

Ashwood Haze
Ashwood Haze -      ***NEW 2015 TO EXPANDATRACK*** Minimalistic and Classy . Fantastic for Motel..